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Tahoe SUP Grom™ Kids - Local Pick-up

USD$ 699.00


This board is available for local pick up only in Reno, NV.

This kids touring board features a soft top deck for increased comfort and safety. The stability and lightness of the GROM™ make is a perfect board for those looking to get the whole family on the water. Fully equipped with deck plugs and displacement hull, this board is ready to go the distance with room for extra gear.

Package includes board + kids adjustable paddle + coil leash. 

- Designed specifically for kids
- Displacement hull
- Soft top deck and rails
- Front deck plugs
- 9' long, 26” wide, 17 lbs
- 8" DURAfin
- Kids adjustable paddle
- SUP Outdoor leash
- Capacity - 180lbs

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