KM Hawaii X Board – SUP Outdoor

KM Hawaii X Board

USD$ 1,359.00


The KM X Board Series was conceived with the goal of pushing the limits of SUP surfing. Created in collaboration with our talented team riders here in Hawaii, it has been tested and proven to deliver in a variety of wave conditions.  Swallow tail design keep width keeps volume in the tail and creates lots of drive.  Works well in small waves, but it really start to shine in medium to large waves.   Pull a monstrous cutback, hit the lip hard and get airborne.  The XBoard is your high performance wave riding machine.

  • Perfect for: Paddle Surfing
  • FIN:1 US Fin Box + 4 Futures
  • Genuine Gortex®  two way self-venting valve
  • Equipped with an flush FCS mount for your GoPro®
  • Multi-color diamond cut kick tail pad
  • Ergo carry handle

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