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6 Ideas for Paddle Boarding with Your Partner

by Ronnie Ayres | February 13, 2017

1. Break the Ice
Find out a lot about each other by going on a first date paddle.  Its a great conversation starter and a good way to see if they are a good match for your adventure seeking, outdoor lifestyle.  Score major points in the romance and originality column and pack some snacks or find a quiet beach. Just make sure you have that extra board ready to go. Regardless of the outcome, at least you got on the water!

Perfect 2 board beginner package:
KM ALOHA All Arounder

2. Share Some Waves
Why leave someone sad and alone at home while you charge off to catch the latest swell?  Paddle out together and enjoy chatting each other up in between sets.  You stand a much better chance getting the thumbs up for that surf trip if it includes both of you!

Sup Surf Boards:

3. Get Fit
Standup Paddle Boarding is one of the fastest growing sports in the world. Driving that popularity is the fact that when done properly, the muscles of the core receive an amazing workout.  Athletes from every sport are using it for cross training in the off season and Paddle Board races are popping up all around the world. Motivate each other to get up and get out on the water to get the heart pumping, shed some extra pounds or increase your endurance for day long exploring.

Top boards for Fitness:
Tahoe SUP Zephyr
Tahoe SUP Bliss
KM Compressor

4. Walk the Dogs
They know where your going and hate staying behind. Your Pup is all about the SUP and 4 legs being better than 2, they find the balance very fast.  Let them hop off and swim along next to you for some exercise or just perch up front  enjoy the ride.

Best accessory for dogs:
Buddy Pad

5. Go Camping
Plan your next camping trip with access to water or load up the boards with the gear and paddle in to your campsite.  Experience a true human powered get away and leave the trail and leave no trace.  Eco tourism opportunities are everywhere and with the latest inflatable paddle board technology, you don't have to sacrifice anything for convenience.

Gear to make it happen:
Cargo Net

Wedding Party

6. Get Hitched
We have seen quite a few weddings held on the water and one thing is for sure, they make the most striking photos ever.  You will more than likely have to pare down the ceremony invite list to the core members of your tribe, but hey, this is YOUR day.  And everyone involved will remember it forever.  Say your vows at sea, then paddle and do the electric slide on the beach with grandma. Everybody Wins!

Your Chariot:
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